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Jive Records

1998 Jive Records #B1 Britney Spears Promo Baseball Card PSA 5 Pop 9 (Music)

1998 Jive Records #B1 Britney Spears Promo Baseball Card PSA 5 Pop 9 (Music)

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1980 Panini Rock & Pop Collection

PSA grade: 5
Total PSA population of this card at this grade: 9
Total PSA population of this card at a higher grade: 15

This card features the PSA Lighthouse Label for an added layer of security. This PSA slab, upon receiving it from grading, was placed immediately in a poly-sleeve and has no scratches or cracks in the case.

Slab measures: 3 1/8" X 5 3/8" - 8cm X 13.5cm

Population (Pop) numbers are accurate at time of listing this card and are subject to changes and updates.

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